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PSD Tree Service - serving Ocean & Monmouth County in New Jersey
Tree Trimming - Tree Removal - Emergency Tree Service - Stump Removal

  • We own all of our equipment. Making the job cheaper, faster and better.
  • Arborist on site for all tree trimmings, removals and pruning
  • We work on saving the tree before we remove it
  • We can handle any job, any size
  • We have been serving Central Jersey for decades
  • We are a step above the rest


Tree trimming must be done properly by a qualified professional company such as ourselves. Limbs must be cut at the collar in the correct place so that the tree will heal properly. If limbs are not cut correctly, the tree could form rot holes where the branch was incorrectly removed. Because of  these rot holes, eventually decay would travel down to the trunk of the tree, compromising the structural integrity, thus rendering the tree dangerous and the tree would have to be removed. Costing you more money in the future! Have it done right by a professional the first time.

We offer 24 hour emergency services. Locally Owned and operated. We also own all of our own equipment, which saves you money and prevents scheduling problems. We have a complete fleet of proffesional vehicles ready to go in just minutes. No renting, no equipment failure.


  • Emergency Storm Damage
  • Tree Trimming by Skilled Arborist
  • Stump Removal & Grinding
  • Tree Maintenance by Skilled Arborist
  • Brush & Shrub Removal
  • Annual Maintenance Service Available
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Certified Arborist on Site

We pride ourselves on safety, Not only for our customers, but our staffs safety as well. We will safely remove all trees, regardless of the size, location or the condition of the tree. Do not take the chance of damage to your home or vehicles by sloppy mistakes that are made by smaller companies. Trees can become hazardous when they interfere with with utility lines. Trusting just anyone can be a mistake that will cost you and risk the safety of you and your family.